DUPE: Gucci Horsebit-Detailed Leather Loafers

Investing in luxury pieces of clothing raises numerous and relatively unanswerable questions… how long will said item last? how much will I wear it/them? is it really worth the money?!  If you’ve done your research and if you’re still unsure after that then one of the best things to do is go on the hunt for dupes (i.e. cheaper items that are a fraction of the price of your desired luxury item).  By saving money and trying out the cheap version you can answer at least one of those questions yourself, by firstly seeing if you’d actually wear the item/s you want.  Style wise, it is often very difficult to get something to identically match the item you want and you’re very lucky if you do, but after scouring the internet it doesn’t take long to find someone who has suffered the same dilemma.

Gucci loafers are often considered to be a style staple and a worthy investment, however, paying nearly £500 for a pair of shoes you may not even like is certainly risky business.  The Gucci Horsebit-Detailed Leather Loafers at £505 isn’t going to be something that everyone can afford/justify BUT paying £50 or even less is more justifiable.

The highest priced dupe of these loafers I’ve found is the H By Hudson Snaffle Loafers which are £75.00 (from £140.00 from ASOS).  They have a leather upper and feature the almost identical gold coloured buckle.  The heel appears to be slightly higher than the Gucci Loafers and on the sides have slightly woven detail, of the same leather, but is the biggest difference to the Gucci’s.

The KG by Kurt Geiger Gogo Mules for £58.00 (was £89.00 from ASOS) are the second highest priced dupes I’ve found.  These are slightly glossier in appearance than the Gucci loafers, but are nevertheless an excellent copy.  The gold metal detailing is shiny instead of the vintage gold buckle on the Gucci’s but still beautiful.  The heel height is exactly the same, 1cm (10mm/0.5 inches) and have a nude-y, beige sole.

Next on the list, and from ASOS themselves… the ASOS Movement Leather Loafers, which for £35.00 features a 100% real leather upper.  The gold buckle is very similar to the other two and unlike the others, has a thick leather strap detailing underneath the buckle.  The toe is slightly more almond-shaped than the previous pairs but isn’t a particularly major difference.

Again from ASOS, the Missguided Buckle Detail Loafer are just £25.00 and for that price, isn’t made from leather but rather a Polyurethane upper.  Almost identical to the Kurt Geiger Loafers, this dupe is perfect for any budget and again, look incredibly similar to the Gucci Loafers, at a fraction of the price.




Finally, the cheapest dupe for the Gucci Loafers are from Primark of all places and are currently only £6 (from £8)!  Featuring a not-quite identical gold buckle, faux leather upper and the small heel, it would be silly not to at least try them out.  I am loving the style of these shoes, they are incredibly comfortable to wear and something I’m hoping will stay a part of my wardrobe for a while.


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