Disney X Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston, for me, is one of those brands that will never fail to disappoint me and to hear that they were doing a collaboration with Disney made me all the more excited to willingly part with my money.  The Disney X Cath Kidston Collection kicked off with limited edition Winnie the Pooh products, of which I lusted over and eventually found myself so indecisive that I bought a big fat nothing.  BUT, then a Mickey Mouse Collection emerged and with my V.I.P. code (which is free by the way) I sat eagerly waiting for the website to load as the pre-sale began.  I will admit it took a lot of patience to get through to the website and then to browse the products before the struggle of adding numerous items to your basket.


The mugs sold out within minutes (which was a bummer) but one thing I had my eye on was a laptop case.  I had been admiring their ‘regular’ laptop sleeves for some time and as soon as I saw this gorgeous case with Minnie Mouse on I knew I had to get it.  Quickly it went into the basket and it was soon followed by the matching pencil case, mainly because I’m a sucker for anything that matches.  Eventually I got through to payment and received that all important confirmation e-mail.

My order arrived quicker than I expected and safe to say that I wasn’t disappointed with my items at all.  The laptop case is perfect, it is covered with an oil-cloth which makes it incredibly easy to wipe clean (especially with in being white) and has a thick padded lining to keep your laptop safe inside. The pencil case is made out of the same material, again making it easy to clean.  The laptop case is still available online to buy – link – as well as many other items from the collection, so if you missed out at the pre-sale event, there are still plenty of products to choose from!  I might even be tempted myself to purchase a few more things, perhaps the matching phone case… or is that going a bit too far?!


15 thoughts on “Disney X Cath Kidston

  1. Love Emily x says:

    Oh my god, how have I missed this collection?! I went is a store at new year and there wasn’t any of this… off to the Internet I go!! Love this post, you chose some cute things (and buying more is never too much!) xx

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