New Year’s Resolutions 2017

To a certain extent, we all set ourselves goals and achievements that we’d like to accomplish and setting New Year’s Resolutions is no different to that, although I will admit that I rarely ‘accomplish’ ALL of mine… oops!  This year is unsurprisingly exactly the same, I shall set myself a range of new resolutions and endeavour to achieve them during the course of 2017 (well that’s the plan anyway).


Let’s start with the one that I have struggled with for many years, losing weight.  Well I say struggled with, but my aspiration has somewhat changed to getting fitter and healthier, both of which are definitely intertwined.  This time it’s not so much about my physical appearance (but it would be great if I felt even a bit better about how I look), rather it is focused on my health.  Throughout 2016 I exercised regularly, and as my work involves a lot of physical exercise, that helped immensely.  But I’d love to get back into going to the gym, however in all honesty these dark nights make the concept very uninviting to say the least.


Another is to keep on top of blogging.  I absolutely love blogging and the community that comes with it.  The support and friendships that I am lucky enough to experience is incredible, with each post my positivity grows immensely.  My main aim for 2017 is to quite simply continue blogging, hopefully learning new skills along the way and posting more and more exciting content.


Motivation, for me, comes and goes far too often.  One minute I find myself inspired by blogging, work and university assignments and I become almost excited by the concept of it.  And then tiredness, stress and a complete and utter lack of motivation sinks in when I lose faith in my personal ability to conquer the tasks I’ve set myself.  I struggle with this on and off throughout each month and as one of my New Year’s Resolutions, I would love to gain control of my motivation and learn how to reach an (almost) perfect balance between work and relaxation so as to not tire myself out or become lazy.

Most importantly, I hope to have both a happy and healthy new year, and to make many more amazing memories with both my family and friends.  Happy New Year!


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