Christmas at LUSH

If you happen to know someone who is TOTALLY obsessed with anything from LUSH then you’re in luck because LUSH is a fantastic company with amazing products, and you really can’t go wrong!  However, if you are worried about getting it completely wrong then I’d recommend picking up one of their pre-wrapped Christmas gift sets (here).  They usually contain a selection, big or small (depending on how much you want to spend) of some of their best-selling and limited edition products.  I love these gift sets, I think they’re perfect, the box smells incredible even before you open it and on the plus side, they are already wrapped for you!  Prices range from under £10 (ideal for a Secret Santa gift) and up to £150+ if you really want to go all out this Christmas.  Also worth mentioning is that all the products mentioned below are vegan which is fantastic!


But another alternative is to do what I have done this year with my younger sister, we headed into LUSH in Lincoln and let her choose out either a gift set or a mixture of products.  Obviously she went for the fun pick-a-mix option and rushed to grab a basket.  Together we browsed the glorious stand at the front of the store piled high with incredibly scented bath bombs, bubble bars and soaps.  I thought I’d share with you some of the things she chose (apart from the ginormous 1kg bottle of Snow Fairy [£21.50] which has squirrelled away, probably to prevent anyone else using it as it is her absolute favourite shower gel).


Last year I bought Laura The Night Before Christmas [£9.95] gift set, which included the Snow Angel Bath Melt [£4.25] which immediately went straight into the basket.  Scented with cocoa butter, marzipan and rose, AND with golden glitter – this bath melt screams Christmas.  I love the scent of this product and as an added bonus makes your skin feel incredibly soft and nourished.


Next up is one of the cutest bath bombs ever, ButterBear which is yet again scented with cocoa powder (I see a theme here!) and ylang ylang.  For just £1.95 it’s hard not to just stock up and buy them all.  It again leaves your skin feeling super soft and is very relaxing.


Steering away from the relaxing into the uplifting fragrance of the Star Dust Bath Bomb [£2.95], scented with sweet vanilla and bergamot oil.  Don’t be put off by the seemingly boring appearance of the white star because it may surprise you (no spoilers, don’t worry!).  Perfect for any pamper evening, this bath bomb will surely brighten your mood and if not, well you’ll definitely smell amazing.


Onto a bubble bar, in which you crumble under warm water to unleash a plentiful array of beautifully scented bubbles.  Snowie [£4.25] was next to be placed into the basket, with a tangy scent of grapefruit and neroli, you will feel uplifted in no time at all.  This bubble bar is inspired by the late David Bowie, decorated with David’s iconic blue and red flash, and is truly fabulous.


Finally, Laura chose The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar [£5.95] which is honestly so much fun to use.  Either run it under the tap or stir into your bath water to create cinnamon, almond and orange scented bubbles.  I think out of them all this is certainly my favourite fragrance (I love cinnamon).  This bubble bar is warming and stimulating, and is perfect after a long day at school/work/university.

I’d like to give a massive shout out to the staff at LUSH in Lincoln, everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful (as always).  I was immensely impressed, when served by Mims, of how you knew every code for the bath bombs in store.  The service and products from LUSH are excellent, this post is just a small snipped into their Christmas collection and what my sister is getting for her presents this year!  Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products or have any product recommendations.


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