My Favourite Autumn Lipsticks

I don’t know what comes over me in autumn, but it’s the time of year I crack out some of bolder, more statement lipsticks in my collection.  I feel a lot more confident wearing a bold lipstick in autumn paired with a huge fluffy scarf and cute hat than I would during the summer months.  So here’s a little post about some of my favourite shades to wear (admittedly some more so from the comfort of my own home).


First up is the Bobbi Brown Lip Colour [£21.00] in the shade Raspberry Shimmer.  It is a beautiful sheer pink with teeny tiny pieces of gold shimmer and is honestly one of the only non-matte lipsticks I will actually wear regularly throughout autumn and winter.  Next is the Avon Perfect Kiss Lipstick in the shade Lacy Mauve, which I could only find on Amazon [£3.96].  Avon came to me highly recommended from a good friend and although I think some of the products can be a big hit or miss, this lipstick is a beautiful pink shade that is super lightweight and very moisturising.  The next lipstick is absolutely stunning, it is from Giorgio Armani and is one of their Rouge Ecstasy Lipsticks in the shade Garconne 604 [£27.00].  It is a bit of a different shade from what I would normally choose to wear but because it’s a lipstick-come-balm, the colour is an almost sheer pink-purple and it barely feels like you have anything on your lips at all.


Now it wouldn’t be a beauty blog post without reference to one of my all-time favourite make up brands, Urban Decay.  I bought this lipstick before the lipstick repackaging came in and is now known as the Sheer Vice Lipstick in the shade Sheer Liar [£15.00].  This lipstick is a ‘barely there’ kind of nude shade that looks beautifully natural on the lips but you can still tell there’s a little something there.  Finally, the boldest red lipstick I currently own is this Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipstick in the shade Cooling Passion [£9.50].  It is an incredibly pigmented cool-toned red shade that makes your teeth look a good fews shades whiter (added bonus!) and is just £9.50!  The formula is very creamy and yet lightweight on the lips.  Like most red lipsticks, it takes some good scrubbing to remove the stain from your lips but it is so long-wearing and highly pigmented that it is definitely worth it.

Let me know what your favourite autumn/winter lip products are in the comments, after all it’s impossible for a human to own tooooo many lipsticks…


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