Bonfire Night 2016

I have always loved watching fireworks explode in the sky, warming up beside the bonfire and writing my name in the sky with sparklers.  This year wasn’t all that different…and I loved it.  Despite having never seen V for Vendetta, I shall always remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.  Instead of doing our own bonfire and fireworks like last year, we decided as a family to go out and watch the fireworks at a dedicated event.  It was really, really cold!  But nevertheless, the firework display was incredible and it was nice to warm up by the gigantic fire (complete with a Guy Fawkes figure).


It was the first year that I had attempted to take photos of the fireworks, with a quick google and play about with the settings on my camera I managed to take a few decent-ish photos.  Hopefully by New Year I should improve my photography skills!  Next time I’ll use a proper tripod and it might even be calm enough to do some more sparkler photos – it was far too windy to even get them to light.




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