How to Survive Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday is exclusively online discounts, and is basically the online equivalent to Black Friday (which is in stores AND online). Whether you're looking to save a bit on that luxury handbag you've been eyeing up or after some incredible bargains, the bloggers Anna ( ... previously viviannadoesmakeup) and Victoria ( have each … Continue reading How to Survive Black Friday & Cyber Monday


Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

I recently browsed and decided to make a (not so little) splurge!  And in the end I chose four Matte Singles as I'm not a huge fan of using lip liner and so didn't really see the point in buying something I knew I wouldn't use.  I think the addition of being able to buy the products … Continue reading Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

Get Un-Ready With Me – Evening Routine

There's something incredibly therapeutic about winding down after a long day at work, university or school.  Whether it be removing make up, soaking in a hot bath or simply sticking on one of your favourite films, I have always loved wiping the day away and starting afresh. First things first, time to remove my make up. … Continue reading Get Un-Ready With Me – Evening Routine


3 Things I Should Do More Often

I'll be one to admit that there are a fair few things that I should do a heck of a lot more often BUT as it turns out, I don't... oops!  To celebrate the re-launch of my blog I thought I'd kick it off with a list of things that I should do more often (hopefully in … Continue reading 3 Things I Should Do More Often


Bonfire Night 2016

I have always loved watching fireworks explode in the sky, warming up beside the bonfire and writing my name in the sky with sparklers.  This year wasn't all that different...and I loved it.  Despite having never seen V for Vendetta, I shall always remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.  Instead of … Continue reading Bonfire Night 2016


Hello November

The beginning of a new month is one of the best times to almost start all over again.  As the months fly by I find it far too easy to slip into full on procrastination mode and become blissfully unaware of looming deadlines or events.  The start of November and the quickening end of 2016 … Continue reading Hello November


October Favourites

Yet again, another month has flown past and surprise, surprise it's monthly favourites time.  The products that I have been enjoying using hasn't differed all that much from last month, but I have purchased new products that have definitely been well used throughout October.  So without further ado, let's get cracking... As always, I'll start … Continue reading October Favourites