Halloween Treats & Party Ideas

As promised, here is part 2 to my mini Halloween D.I.Y. series…  I picked up a couple more garlands – a bat one and a ghost one and promptly hung them up in our dining room along with some balloons and all of my other decorations.  I threw together a few delicious treats to create a little spread, perfect for hosting a get-together this Halloween.  I picked up two pumpkins from the supermarket, and carved them into a cute cat and a fairly generic spooky face.  I love carving pumpkins, it is incredibly messy but nevertheless, really fun.


For table decorations, I used some glittery, multi-coloured spiders; sliver skeletons and  fairy lights.  I also added in some candles, my pumpkins…of course… and some snacks!

Oh yes, I went the whole hog and decided to bake some Halloween themed treats that you can either give out to trick or treaters’ or squirrel away to enjoy all to yourself.  I firstly baked some plain vanilla cupcakes and decorated them with orange buttercream, chocolate sprinkles, and hundreds and thousands.  I put these into some cute cupcake cases with little bats on that I picked up from the shop and used up the remaining melted white chocolate to create some spider webs to decorate.  I also made millionaires shortbread, following the recipe from Tanya Burr’s baking book, Tanya Bakes.  I decorated the millionaires shortbread with a big white chocolate spider web, which of course is completely optional but fits in well with the Halloween-y theme.

I put together some cute little popcorn and millionaires shortbread treat bags, using some clear food bags and wire ties.  Using a sharpie I drew a variety of spooky faces… these are ideal for trick or treaters’,  or as party snacks if you’re planning on having a Halloween themed party.  For drinks, I went fairly plain and simple with a ‘blood red’ jug of fruit squash with ice cubes.  You can go to town on food and drinks, but I decided to keep it quick and easy (and non-alcoholic).


I really like how this all turned out, it’s a shame that Halloween is confined to merely one day but nonetheless I’m excited to start preparing for Christmas.



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