D.I.Y. Halloween Decorations

This blog post is merely part 1 of 2 upcoming posts all about Halloween!  For this post I thought I would share with you a couple of D.I.Y. decoration ideas that are simple and quick to do at home.  I enjoy getting into the spirit of Halloween, making and putting up decorations, experimenting in the kitchen with orange food colouring and of course, playing around with make up (even though I’m far too old for trick or treating!)

To start off the decorating process I went shopping and bought myself a few little bits and bobs from my local shop.  I picked up some a pumpkin garland, a spiders web (with spiders) and, some pumpkin and ghost fairy lights.  I placed them in the dining room above and around the windows – which was easier said than done because that spiders web was terribly fiddly!

After that, I decided I wanted to have a go at making my own decorations so I grabbed a few things I had lying around in the house and got started.  I firstly wanted to make some more garlands, so I picked up some orange card and black scrapbooking paper.

I planned out the bats and pumpkins that I wanted in my garland on white A4 paper, using a sharpie and scissors to cut them out.  Placing these stencils onto the coloured paper, I traced around them using a pencil before cutting them all out and placing them into little piles.  I cut out 16 of each shape but it is completely up to you how many you would like to do.  After cutting them all out I got a needle, some black polyester thread and a pin cushion and started to thread each shape together.  I decided to do 2 garlands, so I put 8 of each shape onto the thread alternating as I went along, using the pin cushion to push the needle through so as to not prick my fingers.  When it was all threaded together, I tied each end with a secure loop and decided that I wanted to give the pumpkins little smiley faces.  So, using a black sharpie I drew on little faces to each pumpkin…remember they don’t have to all look the same – each pumpkin is unique!  And voila, I finished both garlands and hung them up along the beams in our ceiling and above the window.  At night the light casts a shadow behind the garland which just adds to the ‘spooky’ Halloween theme.

Then, I managed to save the cardboard that comes from a used up toilet roll and decided to make a cute little hanging bat.  For this I used black paper, a regular glue stick, scissors and a little bit of white paper for the eyes and fangs.  Start by roughly measuring the length of the roll and cutting the black paper to fit around it, glue it to the tube and hold in place for a few seconds to ensure it holds together.  Next up, fold some of the black paper in half and cut out some bat wings (doing this ensures that no matter what happens, the wings should be identical), and glue them where the paper joins at the back.  Cut out some triangles to make little ears, some smaller triangles from the white, carefully cut out two little circles from the white paper, and two even smaller circles from the black.  Stick them together and then glue onto the bat to create eyes and little fangs.  Then using the black thread and needle, make a small hole at the back of the bat and secure.  Create a loop at the other end of the thread, to whichever preferred length and hang up on a lamp-shade, door handle, coat hook – wherever really!  (If you have access to clear fishing line then this would probably look a lot better and almost like the bat was actually floating).

My next blog post will feature a few more D.I.Y. decorations and Halloween treats so stay tuned for more spooky crafts!  I absolutely love getting all arts and crafty, I can’t wait to create some D.I.Y. Christmas decorations soon…


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