Let’s Talk: The University Tag

A few weeks ago, one of my current favourite YouTubers, Alice Thorpe, uploaded a video talking about The University Tag and I thought I should answer some of the questions so you can get to know a little bit more about me!

Firstly, where do you study?  I am currently studying at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln.  It is on the small side of universities compared to the scale of somewhere like the University of Leeds, but suits me perfectly.

What do you study?  I am studying for a degree in Theology (religion, ethics, philosophy, etc.).  It’s something I learnt to love throughout secondary school and after being taught by such a passionate teacher, I knew I felt a connection with the subject and that I wanted to continue studying something I loved at a higher level.

What year are you in?  I’m in my third and final year.  I am hoping to continue on with a Master’s degree and then possibly a PhD…

Do you live at home or at uni?  For the first year of my course I decided to live at uni, despite living around half an hour away, I thought it would be a good idea to experience student life to the fullest.  (I’m so glad I did because I made some amazing friends and also made some incredible memories).  For my second and third years, I have lived at home and commuted.  My timetable meant that I was only in a couple days a week and so I have managed to so far cope with university assignments, working and travelling from home.  I found that I missed out on a few opportunities by not living on the university campus itself, but I still attended the gym and met up regularly with my friends who have continued to live in Lincoln.

What are your 3 university essentials?  Well, first and foremost, a good diary!  I’d be lost if I didn’t keep track of work that’s due in, assignment deadlines, lecture times and remembering to schedule in shopping trips and coffee dates with my friends.  Secondly, a collection of notebooks… sad, I know but having a well-organised notebook makes reflecting on previous lectures a heck of a lot easier.  I tend to use little arrows and coloured pens to highlight something that is important for future me.  Finally, the university’s assignment handbook.  Pretty much the bible of how to successfully write, reference and organise assignments.

Name a favourite university moment… Out of many favourable memories I think I’d have to pick attending last year’s Meadowhall Student Night with two of my best friends.  Eating yummy food, spending lots of money and just having a really nice time having fun and giggles all night long.  It’s so hard to choose just one favourite memory, as I have so many with various different people and I love them for numerous different reasons.

One piece of advice for someone just starting university?  To say YES more!  There are countless opportunities when going to university, from societies to events, etc. etc..  And you may just surprise yourself.  Try going on a night out, if you hate it, at least you gave it a go.  Join a new group or society, whether it be music, cheerleading, Disney, poker or netball (if there isn’t a group you want to join, why not suggest it to your Student’s Union?  They’re always open to new ideas).

Finally, something you worried about for no reason?  I really worried about making any friends at all, I’m rather self-conscious and not the most outgoing person there is but I was of course very, very wrong.  I have made some amazing friends at university, people I couldn’t now imagine being without and I am so grateful that I have met so many inspirational and kind people.  It was needless of me to worry about not going out clubbing and how that would affect my relationship with my friends, but I have luckily found people who love me for who I am, quirks and all!


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