REVIEW: Morphe Brushes 35K 35 Colour Koffee Eyeshadow Palette

As a late birthday present, I was also fortunate enough to receive this beautiful eyeshadow palette from my lovely sister!  When asked what I wanted for my birthday I scoured through the Beauty Bay website and stumbled across this gorgeous palette from Morphe Brushes.  I instantly fell in love and with just 2 days tracked delivery, it was here in no time!  So here it is, the beautiful Morphe Brushes 35K 35 Colour Koffee Eyeshadow Palette


eyeshadows swatched.JPG

The 35 eyeshadows come in a large, slim matte black case that really shows every single one of my mucky fingerprints – great!  Nevertheless, the packaging is very classic and doesn’t feature a mirror inside but I think that palettes which contain mirrors are very useful for travelling but tend to get messy very quickly.  The palette contains a mixture of 35 warm and cool toned eyeshadows with both matte and shimmery eyeshadows.  For under £20 this is a great starter palette for someone just getting into using eyeshadows, but it is also brilliant for a make up hoarder like myself to add to my collection.


Before swatching the eyeshadows I applied the Urban Decay Primer Potion to also test the longevity of the shadows when I tried to remove them from my arm.  I selected nine shades that caught my attention at first glance of the palette and decided to swatch them to test the pigmentation and the amount of fall-out.  The glittery shadows tended to have more fall-out than the matte shades, but by no means any more than any of my other glittery eyeshadow palettes from within my collection.  They are beautifully pigmented, apply and blend effortlessly, and I am so glad that I chose this palette.  It will definitely be getting a lot of use!


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