REVIEW: Tanya Burr Cosmetics

Flashback to 2014 when Tanya Burr, a well-known and adored YouTuber launched Tanya Burr Cosmetics.  I remember picking up the Mini Marshmallows Nail Polish from feelunique and instantly fell in love with the colour and formula.  It soon became one of the few nail polishes that I have completely used up… which is a big achievement for a serial nail polish hoarder.  Since then, the brand had a redesign and Tanya has launched eyeshadow palettes, more lip glosses, false eyelashes, nail polishes and much more.  I thought that I would share with you some of the products I have in my personal collection and give you a quick little review on each of them.  So, let’s get started…



[Left to Right; Afternoon Tea & Picnic in the Park]

Firstly, let’s begin with the lip glosses!  I only own two as I do have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of lip glosses, sometimes I can find them to be too sticky and I much prefer wearing a lipstick.  However, I was pleasantly surprised after trying Tanya’s lip glosses and finding that they are not in the least bit sticky on the lips but soft and creamy in consistency.  The first lip gloss I own is the shade Afternoon Tea which is a beautiful, lightly pigmented pink shade with tiny gold shimmer that looks incredible on the lips.  This shade looks amazing worn on its own but I would personally use it on top of a similar shade of lipstick.  The second shade I own is Picnic in the Park which again is a beautiful pink colour that is a lot more pigmented than Afternoon Tea and doesn’t contain any shimmer.  Picnic in the Park is my personal favourite out of the two and I would love to try some of the new Soft Luxe Collection matte lip glosses.  They retail for £5.99 and are sold online at feelunique, instore and online at Superdrug.




Secondly, eyeshadow palettes!  I again own two of Tanya’s eyeshadow palettes, the Galaxy Eye Palette and the Fairytale Eye Palette.  Each palette has four very pigmented shades that have a soft, buttery consistency and last well, even without using primer.  They both also have a decent sized mirror that is great if you plan on using these palettes on the go.  The Galaxy palette contains gorgeous cool toned shades that can be used to create a subtle or a bold, smokey eyeshadow look.  The shades inside are Snowflake, a shimmery white shade that is ideal for an inner corner and brow bone highlight; Moonlight, a shimmery silvery eyeshadow; Stormy Sky, which is a matte taupey brown shade that works perfectly as a transition shade in the crease that can be used with Starry Night, a shimmery black shade to create a dramatic smokey eye.  The Fairytale palette is just as beautiful, and personally compliments my blue eyes.  It contains the shades; Cream Tea, a matte cream shade which is again a lovely inner corner and brow bone highlight, or works well as an eyeshadow base to use on the eyelid; Velvet Cushion, which is a light matte brown shade which I blend into my crease as a transition colour before applying; Alohomora, a shimmery brown shade, all over the lid and to finally blend a little bit of the shade Witches Cat, a matte black, into the outer corner to create a more dramatic eyeshadow look.  The palettes retail for £6.00 and there are loads of palettes to choose from to suit your skin tone and eye colour or just whichever one takes your fancy really!



Next up, the Perfect Brows palette which again features a decent sized mirror, ideal for travelling, a teeny tiny angled brush and tweezers to tame any pesky stray hairs.  The colours inside are; Fairy Cake, which is a champagney, slightly shimmery highlight shade to use on the brow bone or even in the inner corner; Pebble, which is a light matte brown, probably best suited to anyone with blonde/fair eyebrows; next up is Chestnut, a warm matte brown and finally, Hot Cocoa, a dark matte brown (and my personal favourite).  The palette retails for £6.99 and is very pigmented and very easy to use.


Last but definitely not least, false eyelashes!  I have already used and abused one set of the Bambi Eyes False Lashes, but there still remains a few within my collection for future use.  I have another set of Bambi Eyelashes in the older packaging style, which are perfect for use on everyday occasions.  Secondly, again in the older packaging, some Individual Lashes  which despite being incredibly tricky and fiddly to use are great for creating either a natural or a more dramatic effect.  Finally, in the newer packaging, some Date Night Lashes which I am saving for a special occasion as they are a bit much for me to get away with in everyday situations.  The false eyelashes retail for £5.49 and with proper care can be used on multiple occasions, not just the once!

I hope you enjoyed this not so little review of the Tanya Burr Cosmetics that I own.  Hopefully I will soon be picking up some of the new Soft Luxe Collection as I’ve heard so much about the Martha Moo lip gloss.


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