Let’s Talk: Summer Skincare

I’m sure many of you are sick of hearing about the importance of sun cream and protecting yourself from the sun, but after reading Inthefrow’s Why I Don’t Sunbathe post, I began to reflect upon my own previous tanning habits.  During the summer months, having a golden tan is often longed for and it is often assumed that the lower SPF sun cream equals a better tan.  However, through trial and error I have realised that my skin burns incredibly quickly.  I endured numerous painful summer months, when my lobster red skin was almost unbearable to touch all because I ‘forgot’ to apply sun cream or didn’t apply a high enough SPF.  Was is really worth it?  Probably not…


[Products shown, Left to Right: Johnson’s Holiday Skin Body LotionSimple Kind to Skin Illuminating Radiance CreamFake Bake Amplify Gradual TanSt Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan and Nivea Sun Moisturising After Sun with Aloe Vera]

My lack of knowledge about the dangers of prolonged exposure in the sun led my younger, naive self to believe that I could achieve a golden tan without using any sun cream.  Oh just how wrong I was.  Experiencing the pains of sun burn year after year didn’t deter me from continuing to do it over and over again.  Many sleepless nights and excruciating showers later, it finally clicked.  Why did I choose to let my skin burn with the aim of achieving a gleaming tan when in reality, my skin peeled off and I was left with sore, pale skin.

I now prefer sitting in the shade, admiring the sunshine more than burning to a crisp in the direct sunlight.  I have a new appreciation for the ever-increasing fake tan market, continually providing pain free methods to achieve the golden tan that I long for during summer. Trialing new fake tan products is something I enjoy doing.  I’m currently trying the St Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan, which you apply during your shower and wash away after a few minutes.  And I have yet to try the Fake Bake Amplify Gradual Tan when the weather hopefully gets better.

When on holiday, I enjoy sunbathing but I take extra care and apply a factor 45 all over my body (seems ridiculous but stops me burning).  I am always cautious about avoiding the sun at its strongest and usually opt for lounging in the mid-afternoon/evening sun with a good book.  SPF is often found in make up products, usually foundations and tinted moisturisers, and I wear factor 15 on a daily basis.  Being cautious of the sun doesn’t mean you have to avoid it completely, you can sunbathe and fake tan.  Different skin types tan easier than others but the message behind this blog post is the reiterate the importance of protecting your skin against skin cancer and unnecessary sun burn.  And also to let you have a little giggle at my previous tanning failures!

Have an amazing summer and stay safe!

Love, Em x



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