My Workout Routine – Fitness Files #2

It has been far too long since my last post about my adventures at the gym and after all the comfort food I ate during a stressful few months of assignments, I decided it was time to get back into the gym and to get myself back on track.  My part-time job involves me being on my feet for long periods of time so I didn’t avoid exercise completely.  However, a few too many custard creams with my mugs of tea and other bad snacking habits has motivated me to improve my health.  To continue to allow myself treats but combined with a healthy dose of regular exercise.

So, I thought I would share with you my current workout routine for when I’m at the gym.  This is by no means a tutorial as different things work best for different people, this is the routine that I frequently…but not always…adhere to.  I like to change my routine quite often because I find myself getting bored of keeping to a strict routine and I personally want the experience to be fun and to allow myself to try new things.


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I firstly start of by warming up, doing a few stretches and making sure I have a nice cold bottle of water to keep me hydrated throughout the workout.  Secondly, I hit the cross trainer, a rather scary looking contraption but brilliant at the same time.  I usually use one of the pre-programmed routines and do that for around 20 minutes.  After those 20 minutes are up I move on to the dreaded treadmill, where to get my heart racing I do short sprints.  I am by no means a distance runner, I like avoiding running as much as possible but this exercise improves my stamina, which will hopefully improve over time.  I then move on to the exercise bikes, which basically means chance for me to sit down!  Normally, I again use a pre-programmed workout and well just keep peddling.  Finally, and this is something I don’t do every time I go to the gym, but I sometimes attempt to use the weight machines.  I believe the one I attempted to draw is a Pec Machine (aimed at working the muscles in your arms, back and chest).  I only usually do this for about 5 minutes as I rather tired from the previous exercises but it offers time to cool off and stretch once again to finish off the routine.

The machines do all the calorie counting for you and for me, this routine burns around 400 calories.  It is important to note that burning of calories doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose weight.  I don’t skip meals or cut out calories from my diet as I want to enjoy life and not restrict myself to the foods I can and can’t eat.  I attempt to balance my food and to incorporate some exercise to hopefully improve my health.

Love, Em x


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