A Promise to Myself

One of my New Years’ Resolutions was a promise to improve my health and to lose some weight.  Well, 5 months in and I still weigh the same and my health has significantly deteriorated over the past month.  My motivation to go the gym has non-existent and my urge to eat unhealthy foods has increased dramatically.  I bet you’re wondering why I’m writing such a depressing post… well it is good (in my opinion) to express how you feel onto paper or onto the internet, in an attempt to reflect and improve your state of mind.
I did go to the gym quite regularly, but my self-confidence and motivation has all but disappeared with assignment due dates fast approaching.  I have never liked change and so I tend to get stuck in the same routine of choosing comfort eating over eating a healthy balanced diet, I choose sitting a stressing over assignments than clearing my head at the gym and I all too often choose to avoid confronting myself as a result.  But this definitely has to change!
First things first, assignments!  Currently they are my number one priority in life, I am really trying to push myself to do the best that I can do because I know I would regret doing otherwise.  Assignments undoubtedly lead to stress, which causes spots and they make me stressed to…it’s an endless cycle.  But I know that I can do it and I can finish my second year at university with a smile on my face, knowing I did the best I could do.
Secondly, my health…oh boy… well I really need to increase how much exercise I do and cut down on the fatty foods that I eat.  Having oat and raisin cookies in the house definitely doesn’t help with this problem.  I am going to attempt to control what I eat, allowing myself some treats but focusing on improving my health and shifting this cold.
Thirdly, I promise myself that I will take better care of my skin.  I am all for facial skincare but I definitely  lack on keeping up with applying body moisturiser so I am making an effort to keep my body, mind and skin healthy.
All in all, I feel that setting myself some goals will help me motivate myself so hopefully I will change my ways for the better.  It may seem to idealistic but it’s worth a try… no harm in trying.
Love, Em x

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