How I Stay Organised


  • Make To Do Lists: I write down everything that I want to accomplish on a daily, weekly and sometimes monthly basis.  This helps me to focus my energy towards the important tasks I need to complete and to also add in some less exciting tasks such as washing my make up brushes.
  • Have a Plan B: If you fail at completing your To Do list then there’s nothing better than a Plan B; a contingency plan to ensure you achieved at least something.  On my daily To Do list I write small things like ‘have a shower’ and ‘eat lunch’ just to feel like I’ve done something productive with my day.
  • Keep a Diary: Again, I take the time to write down a brief overview of what I have done on that specific day, I like to plan out the week ahead and make note of any important dates.
  • Make Notes: I always keep some form of notebook with me, whether that be on my phone or a small physical notebook, it allows me to write down things as they happen.  Usually any directed reading for my degree course or if Mum wants me to pick up a loaf of bread.
  • Tidy Up: For some tidying up is more of a chore than a hobby, but I love it!  I really enjoy spending a few hours in my room reorganising my space, I am a firm believer that a clean space increases productivity.  This also includes making my bed as soon as I wake up, it stops me getting back in and just generally improves my mood for the day.
  • If You Fail, Brush it off and Keep Going: I am awful at holding onto things and overthinking the past when I really should move on and look forward.  Recently I have been trying this approach and with deadlines looming on the horizon I have seriously got to get my backside in gear and work to the best of my ability.  Keeping a diary also helps with this, I am able to document a bad experience and shut it away, it will be there in my past but it does not affect my future.
  • Allow for Personal Time: We all deserve some time off here and there so don’t be afraid to allow yourself some me-time to relax in comfy clothes, grab a book or stick on a DVD and just chill out!  I am a firm believer in having chill days where I achieve absolutely nothing but I also enjoy going on shopping trips and rewarding myself for my hard work.
  • Reduce Procrastination: I am a sucker for social media, I can endlessly scroll through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and achieve absolutely nothing.  When I have serious work to do I will usually turn off the internet connection on my phone, turn it on silent and that usually helps me focus.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Say No: Finally, I think this is one of the most important parts of how I keep my life organised.  Tasks often arise that I would normally feel guilty about saying no to, but I am striving towards improving that.  I take far too much on at once and stress myself out completely, but I am admitting to when I physically can’t take something on…reducing my work load and my stress levels!
These are just a few tips and tricks that I use on a regular basis to keep myself motivated and to avoid procrastination.  I hope some of these help!
Love, Em x

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